Commercial and Residential Tree Trimming Services

Superior services

Our services are extensive and cover any and all of your needs, both commercial and residential. From tree trimming, palm tree trimming, pruning, de-crowning, topping, thinning, removal of unwanted trees and/or brush, stump grinding, trimming around sensitive areas such as utility cables, shaving, land clearing, and general landscaping – we get the job done right. No matter what service you need, we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Tree trimming

Our tree trimming services are unmatched and you will not find the same experience, quality service, and price anywhere else in the Rio Grande Valley. Whether it’s just maintenance trimming or something more urgent such as stump removal, give us a call!

Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Services

Tree removal

Removal of a dead or unwanted tree is a job best left for the professionals. Some trees located too close to your home and/or business can pose serious threats. We approach each tree removal uniquely and always utilize the best equipment, including a bucket truck and stump grinder.

Quality split wood

Our wood is split perfect for those great nights on the grill or to use on your fireplace. We have Mesquite, Ebony, Pecan and Oak available throughout most of the year. Contact us for specific inventory.

 Tree Tips

  • It’s most common to prune your trees during winter. Prune after the coldest part of winter is over.
  • Fall is never the best time to prune. Trees just can not heal fast enough.
  • Never remove more than ¼ of a tree’s crown in a season
  • Two signs of root decay: broken roots or evidence of fungus.